List of CharactersEdit

Main ProtagonistsEdit

Nigel MulletEdit

Transformed at the age of 15, Nigel will remain this age forever. He is the main character in the first 2 books of the series. nnnnnnnn

Chloe SparrowEdit

Chloe used to be Nigel's girlfriend. She transformed into a werewolf after she was clawed by Jason. She later joined the Lunar Wood Pack.

Luke ThorpeEdit

Luke is an Alpha Wolf like Ryan. He was trained for the War a month ago but later joined the resistance. He is the main character in Book 3.

Secondary CharactersEdit

Nigel's Mom and DadEdit

The couple who transformed Nigel and Mavis back in the 1900s. They currently live in Vlad's coven on Hirta.

Daisy Isabella MulletEdit

The girl who was transformed with Nigel by their parents. Her former name was Mavis.

Cecil MulletEdit

An elderly vampire who claimed to be transformed by Nigel's dad. His true origin is unknown. Nigel made a deal with him that if he stops nagging, he won't tell anyone where he's from.


Nigel's werewolf rival who transformed Chloe. Nigel eventually made up with him.

Wayne CrossEdit

He used to be Nigel's rival for Chloe's affections. He was dumped after Chloe found out he was a sexist. He is described to have tooth decay problems.


Luke's rival who continually calls him names like "Gingernut" or "Carrot Top". He has been humiliated by Luke twice, by accident.

Mr LandisEdit

Luke's school principal. Mr Landis thinks Luke is trying to be cool for his behavior.

The GothsEdit

Nigel's school has 3 groups of people: The Popular Gang, Tough Gang, and the Goths. Nigel used to be in the Goths, the other members being Si, Brian and Am.


Ryan SavageEdit

The leader of the Lunar Wood Pack. He had planned his getback at his nemesis, Vlad, for months. He forged documents to claim that the Island of Hirta belongs to him. His plan was foiled by Luke and the trio anyway.

Vladamir "Vlad" CarpathianEdit

Vlad and Ryan had been enemies for years, continually getting back at each other for some unknown reason. They rivalry has gone as far to start the 2nd Vampire-Werewolf World War! Luckily, they were stopped by the Alliance of Peaceful Supernaturals.

Mr Jenkins (Vaclav)Edit

Jenkins was transformed accidentally by Nigel's dad back when he was reckless. Nigel's dad then refused to let him join his coven or teach him basic vampire martial arts, forcing him to feed off the blood of rats in the sewers of Prague. He became a P.E. teacher in Nigels school in order to take revenge. He was exiled to Alaska after he was beaten by Nigel in a duel with one condition: he can't be a P.E. teacher.